5 main reasons for realtors to use Virtual Tours

5 best reasons for realtors to use Virtual Tours

The question to know if Online 360° Virtual Tour should be or not the main marketing material used by the real estate professionals should be a question of the past.

The real estate industry entered in the "Real Estate Web 3.0" era for now 2/3 years, and the realtors who didn't get the right turn about it are feeling the negative effect.
Several hundreds millions of properties are now accessible online via less than 20 real estate portals. Any buyer can now access those properties before contacting an agent.
So, for real estate professionals, the real question is "why are you not using yet the Virtual Tours to help your business?".

Here are 5 main reasons why you should.


1- Virtual Tours bring 100% more leads and better opportunities

the ultimate realtor tool - 15 - 20191117 - v1.0According to many surveys, a majority of buyers are 100% more interested in selecting a property that has a 360° Virtual Tour. 67% of the buyers want to make a shortlist of properties by themselves before contacting an agent to make the real visit; and surely their selection will leverage on their ability to see property Virtual Tour rather than a few pictures.
I think the statistics speak for themselves and it's undeniable online Virtual Tour is a must-have for a modern realtor.

If a realtor makes Virtual Tours for his listings portfolio, it will attract more buyers who will naturally contact him for the next step.

The Virtual Tours make the realtors getting 2x to 3x more leads for each promoted property. And each lead is more qualified as the buyer has already made his "homework" and excluded the properties not compliant with his project.

Getting a lead is the first step of the property transaction process. The more leads you get the better chance to close a deal you have.


2- Virtual Tour save a lot of time

2- Virtual Tour save a lot of timeA property agent spends in average 50h (for the luckiest) to up to 70h + a week to make their money; and most of them are working 7 days a week.

Visiting properties with the buyers is probably one of the most time consuming part of the job. This is also frustrating each time the realtor opens a house and the buyer staying outside says the property doesn't match his style... What a waste of time!

There are still brokers who will tell, one visit can turn a hesitant buyer in a close-to-sign one. But most of the time, visiting 10 houses per day in average will make you only consume your time, especially when you have taken the risk to bring the buyer visiting a property without a virtual pre-visit.

Using Virtual Tours is not disrespecting the buyer or the sign of lazy realtors. Virtual Tours remove inefficient visits and make the buyer well aware about the property before he will agree moving forward. That optimisation will make the realtor saving in average 60% of the non qualified visits to focus only on the visits agreed with the buyers.

Making Virtual Tours will make you stand out of the crowd of the realtors community and make sure you will get qualified deal. From the "Hello, I'm looking for a house" you will get "Hello, I have seen one of your property virtual tours and I am interesting to visit it".

3- Virtual Tours let you focus on closing deal

the ultimate realtor tool - 22 - 20191117 - v1.0Many realtors would say nothing replace a real visit on site with a buyer and it can be a turning point in the property transaction process.

That is true, but nowadays, the hard part is not to close a transaction but to get qualified and really hot opportunities. That can be achieved easy by leveraging on online Virtual Tours to get buyers already interested by the property. Then, and only then, negotiator skills will be useful.

The Virtual Tours will help attract the buyers by letting them discovering the properties and the realtor will get only contact with people really interested in those listings.

While the buyers acquisition is arranged by the the Virtual Tours, the realtor can focus on dealing with the buyers to close deals.


4- Virtual Tours works for you 24/7, you don't

A Virtual Tour is not a brochure, not a static picture and not a video either. It's an interactive and immersive content that brings the visitor discovering the place in a very similar way they could do in the reality. This ability to make the buyers virtually visit a property is also combined with the fact this is an online 24/7 marketing content. The buyer can choose whenever he will review your property and that is priceless in a very busy society.

While the buyers are reviewing the selection of the Virtual Tours you made for them, you can continue prospecting and dealing with the buyers close to sign a contact.


5- Virtual Tours increase homeowners engagement and trust

Most of the realtors will say one of the difficult part of the job is to get sales mandate from homeowners. The market is tough and the homeowners have to choose which realtor will be in charge in exclusive or non-exclusive sales mandate.

Nowadays, giving a good impression to the homeowner is not enough anymore. The homeowner wants to know if the realtor will be able to advertise and find a buyer fast and close a deal promptly. In that negotiation, the Virtual Tours and your online presence will be a great plus to show the homeowners you use the state of the arts marketing promotion tools. This will increase trust and make you able to sign more mandates.



We can easily say the real estate market has changed and is still changing. Web 3.0, real estate portals, fierce competition between the realtors, and for 2020, COVID-19, have dramatically affected the property market.

It's not a surprise nor a question anymore that Virtual Tours are a must have marketing tool.

Virtual Tours can help the customers(buyers) acquisition, save time for the realtors to focus on the real negotiation with the buyers and gain trust from the homeowners to get sales mandates.